About Us

Mission Statement

Kiss My Uterass®  is a black woman-owned brand that promotes the freedom of choice, speech, and hopes to promote the unapologetic attitude of everyday womxn.

My mission in founding this brand was to inspire womxn to go after their personal freedom and stand in their authentic truth.

The mission of Kiss My Uterass® as a clothing brand is to create fun & bold pieces that are unapologetic and reflect honesty. We intend to inspire womxn of all identities, backgrounds, and beliefs to create and embrace change within themselves and their lives and to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. In addition to creating clothing, we plan hope to engage with our community through events, workshops, and other initiatives that promote diversity, inclusivity, and freedom of choice.

 It is also part of this brand's mission to create a collective space for wxmen to feel seen and heard, as individuals and collectively. It is our priority to create a well of love and acceptance for every and any womxn, wherever they are on their journey  no bullies allowed. 

KMU babes are not afraid to say no, set boundaries, and rebirth themselves to live the life they know they were born to live. I welcome you to this safe space for exploration.

Kiss My Uterass® is dedicated to donating 2% from every order to a charity or organization dedicated to the wellness of womxn and children. 

Borumba Fofana

Kiss My Uterass®

For any fundraising or promotional inquires email hello@kissmyuterass.com